Writing Active Setting Book 2: Emotion, Conflict and Back Story
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Writing Active Setting Book 2: Emotion, Conflict and Back Story

by Mary Buckham
Kindle Edition: 66 pages
Publisher: Cantwell Publishing, LLC

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Readers usually remember the plot and characters of a story, but Setting is every bit as important in creating a memorable world. Discover the difference between Ordinary Setting that bogs down your story, and Active Setting that empowers your story -- creating a compelling story world, regardless of what you write.
  • Find ways to add emotion to the page via showing not telling.
  • See how to reveal your characters back story without stopping the forward momentum of your story.
  • Learn how to deepen conflict on every page.
  • Notice how changing your setting can reveal so much to the reader.
  • Power up your setting possibilities throughout your story.
This book helped me identify areas where I really need to focus (Setting and emotion) and clarified how I can make my Setting work for me in the story and the world I've created. ~~ Wendy G - Memphis, Tennessee

Learning how to write ACTIVE SETTINGS has been amazing. The examples are concise and fit seamlessly into the narrative. This book has been both challenging and informative. ~~ Laurel Wilczek, SciFi and Fantasy writer

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