Tomb Raider (PC DVD) (UK IMPORT)
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Tomb Raider (PC DVD) (UK IMPORT)

from Square Enix
Video Game
Publisher: Square Enix

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General Features Full integration with Steamworks to offer cloud storage for saves, multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, as well as automatic updates and new content. Support for Steam Big Picture Mode. Configurable mouse and keyboard support. Gamepad support. High-end Graphics Very high resolution textures with up to 16x the amount of data Detail Tessellation to enhance the detail on many surfaces in the game Higher quality shadows High quality bokeh depth of field with near-blur Tessellation algorithms used to smooth out geometry Improved cloth, SSAO, quality wetness effects, and post-filter effects. LOD quality is adjustable for better quality on higher-end machines. Low-End Graphics Crystal cares about TR fans being able to run on older systems, unlike many other games they still support Windows XP. A lot of scalability options to suit a range of machines.

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