Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1)
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Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO - Leading the Effective, Value Driven, Project Management Office, a practical guide (Agile Business Leadership Book 1)

by Michael Nir
Kindle Edition: 158 pages

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Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO - an Amazon Best Seller

The Revealed Secrets of the Shocking Truths about Global PMO Colossal Failures and how to Work around them.

** Uncovered Truths How to avoid a tactical PMO - in which MBA graduates fill the role of secretaries - I know you are asking now - how can it be possible that companies pay 100K $ salaries for administrative work, aren't you? - Read the book and know the answer
** Agile Project Management - What are the signs of a process obsessed PMO - in which the project managers are cringing under the whip of the PMO and how to set them free!
** Limited Vision When the PMO is in love with the lavish tools - and promotes death by SharePoint - what do you do?
** The Ultimate Program Life Cycle inflicting PMO - do you know how to recognize it and provide REAL VALUE

Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO provides answers NOW to all these challenging questions. You will learn to recognize and avoid the PMO traps
Research has proven that most PMOs will be disbanded and flushed away in two years after rollout - make sure yours doesn't
** Join me in this journey to making your emerging Agile Project Management- PMO not only endure but also lead project and portfolio growth and be value driven:
** The Agile Project Management - PMO is a mediating function it enables visibility where there is none, unity where there is disparity, transparency where there is ambiguity, and global breakthrough where there is only local analysis.
** Over the years I have seen too many PMOs blunder and fail due to various misconceptions in the roll out and implementation. The main cause is that PMOs do not learn how to create true and substantial value for stakeholders from the portfolio perspective, and hence lose budgeting and are terminated
** in this proven guide I will provide practical guidelines with the assistance of a case study on how to create and increase value of a PMO in an ever changing environment.
** Ultimately, after reading this guide you’ll know what to do, in order to successfully and reliably lead your Agile PMO.

******* Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO second edition with a solution on How to position The Agile PMO between the Linear Waterfall and the Agile Scrum worlds - - popular demand is increasing Don’t wait, enjoy this price and read now.*********

Exclusive and Genuine Concepts - What is your value from Agile Project Management: The Agile PMO

* Agile Project Management: Alignment with Business – ensuring Value over process
* Agile Project Management: Launching a PMO that is Lean and Mean
* Agile Project Management: Presented in an easy to follow case study!
* Agile Project Management: best practice approach for integrating Agile approaches with traditional overarching linear approaches

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