Who I Am: a Workbook for Building Self-Awareness
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Who I Am: a Workbook for Building Self-Awareness

by Taylah Magdalene
Kindle Edition: 52 pages

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Sometimes… often… we feel like we don’t really know who we are. We may act one way around certain people and a totally different way around other people. This is normal to a degree. You wouldn’t act quite the same at school or work as you do hanging out with your mates. We all have different roles in life and each one requires certain codes of behaviour.

But sometimes the way we act makes us feel fake or phony. This is because we don’t have a strong inner sense of who we really are – our self-concept is not stable or concrete enough. Perhaps we take on the expectations of the people we are with – we talk like them, dress like them and go along with whatever they are doing. We are chameleons – changing ourselves to fit into the environment.

This can leave us feeling very empty and alone.

WHO I AM is an easy to read book that will take you on a GENTLE journey of discovery. Along the way you will build up a better sense of who you are in this world. You will also discover areas you might like to work on so you become an even better version of who you are!

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