How To Sell Using The Six Power Sellers: How to sell a lot more using proven psychology (Business Books Book 4)
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How To Sell Using The Six Power Sellers: How to sell a lot more using proven psychology (Business Books Book 4)

by Ian Stables
Kindle Edition: 38 pages

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How To Sell Using The Six Power Sellers

How To Sell A Lot More Using Proven Psychology

This is proven to dramatically increase sales

There are certain things that make us buy. These are the main psychological principles that have been shown to get a yes response.

This book will explain what they are, why they work, and how to apply them to any sales situation.

The author shot to number sales position in his previous sales role. He used the very methods you'll learn here.

This is a short book. This is because it gets straight to the point. No fluff. Just meat. The author appreciates that you don't want to have to wade through over 100 pages. You can understand the methods and techniques a lot faster this way and start using them immediately.

You're about to learn how to...

Make customers sell your product or service as a lot more desirable
Simple but powerful way of making your offering more valuable.

Get customers to like and trust you
There is one main thing that makes people click. This is how to get instant rapport with your customer.

Get your customer to follow your advice to buy
We are all brought up to follow advice when coming from a certain place. This is how you can easily harness it's power.

Have customers feel they must buy what you sell
Almost everyone responds to this. By doing this, you and your customer will be happy.

Remove buyer hesitation
This one is very powerful. It's what nearly always makes us decide to do something.

Make your price look good
Price is often a major hurdle to getting the sale. This is the way to remove this barrier.

Use these methods now and you will see a major difference.

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