Muffin Tin Menus: 47 Fun & Delicious Recipes
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Muffin Tin Menus: 47 Fun & Delicious Recipes

by Melanie Trenton
Kindle Edition: 77 pages

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Muffin tin cooking is the latest cooking craze in kitchens across the US and abroad. Popular with moms & dads as well as artistic foodies, muffin tin cooking is made for the creative cook. Just about anything can be made in a muffin tin pan- from breakfast foods to dinners and creative appetizers in between! It is a terrific way to control portion sizes and get even the pickiest eaters to try new mini-sized dishes.

Author Melanie Trenton caught on to muffin tin cooking several years ago, while attending a birthday party with her daughter. The mom that hosted the celebration used muffin tins in very creative ways. She made mini-pizzas, pancakes, lasagnas and desserts and she cooked them all in muffin tins. The kids loved the colors, the diversity and the miniature sizes of the traditional dishes. Even the veggies looked more attractive when prepared in the muffin tins and moms know how much kids hate carrots and broccoli.

In her book Muffin Tin Menus, Trenton presents 47 recipes that can be prepared for all types of meals. In her cookbook, she created recipes that can be used for breakfast, main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, and of course, desserts. Please note these recipes are considered comfort foods and not to be confused with low calorie, low carb, vegetarian or vegan.

Cooking or serving food in muffin tins is exciting and fun. Pick up these fun and easy recipes to get started with these creative muffin tin concoctions.

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