400 Scrapbook and Card Making Sketches: Instant Inspiration! (Beautiful Scrapbook Pages Fast 1)
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400 Scrapbook and Card Making Sketches: Instant Inspiration! (Beautiful Scrapbook Pages Fast 1)

by Melanie Stewart
Kindle Edition: 217 pages

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If you've ever wanted to create fantastic scrapbook pages faster than takes your husband to disappear at kids bath time...while saving time and expressing your personality...then you will love this scrapbooking book.

I totally enjoyed the easy to follow sketches for single or multiple picture pages. When you need a little inspiration to get you started this book is packed full of ideas for all levels of scrapbooking. Plenty of ideas for one, two, three, four or more pictures on a page." - Amazon Review

I've written this book after years of frustration scrapbooking myself, inside you will discover how to: 
*Spend more time expressing yourself, rather than chewing up your creative mojo deciding where to place each embellishment and elements on the page. 
*Use the same sketch over and over by simply rotating the sketch or changing your photos and the scrapbooking supplies you use. (No two pages will be ever alike). 
*Suitable for traditional and digital scrapbookers. 
*These sketches were made for square layouts of any size including 12 x12, 8 x 8 and 6 x 6, giving you the flexibility to use them for any project you want. 
*Anyone can start using these sketches immediately, even if you have never created a page before.
Here are 404 of the best sketches into easy-to-find organized sections including sketches for one photo, two photos, three photos and four + photos.

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