How to Get Rich Online: You Will Make Money Self Publishing Ebooks by Exploiting The "Price Rich" Secret
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How to Get Rich Online: You Will Make Money Self Publishing Ebooks by Exploiting The "Price Rich" Secret

by Von Money
Kindle Edition: 34 pages

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"I feel my 99-cents was well spent. I will probably buy other Von Money books."

"you're left with a sense of being left behind if you don't write an ebook."

"I have just bought the Von Money's bundle and I must say I have been jolted from my slumber."

"Every word is pure gold."

"Have bought other books of his due to this one."

"The pricing and marketing ideas may be gold."

"I highly recommend this book for new kindle authors."

"A must read for anyone considering e-publishing today and tomorrow."

"the writing style will get you excited enough to take action now!"

Price Rich Includes a New 2014 Kindle Publishing Update

"Price Rich is the greatest book I will ever write," proclaims Von Money. "The power and magnitude of what I deliver in 30 minutes or less is like if Domino's delivered pizza to everyone at the Superbowl twice."

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The German money engineer also says that everyone will prosper from reading the Price Rich secret.

"The Kindle gurus know about it but only 7 of them actually leverage it. Price Rich is the Holy Grail secret even for experts because they look but do not see."

"Beginners will LOVE this book because they get the Price Rich secret and the making money with Kindle ebooks blueprint all-in-one. Price Rich is the ultimate 30 minute Kindle publishing starter book."

"It's not the only book you'll ever need but it's the only book you have to read."

When asked how much difference Price Rich will make, Von Money was not at a loss for words.

"Price Rich is THE game changer in Kindle publishing. There are a ton of great ebooks out there packed with pure gold, but none of them strike like a cobra like Price Rich does."

"Price Rich is like taking a shot of caffeine mixed with bull hormones and the bull was on steroids. You're sitting there reading it and then wham, you get hit with a jolt of espresso. It has huge - like Andre the Giant huge - money making implications."

Von Money also weighed in on whether people who never even considered getting rich publishing Kindle ebooks should read Price Rich.

"I wrote Price Rich as if everyone in the world was going to read it. It's simple. It's quick. It's easy to understand. And it's short, you can read it in less than 30 minutes."

"Beginners don't want to get bogged down with 100 pages of technical HTML formatting, Twitter following, Facebook fanpaging BS so I heaped all that in the garbage. Instead, I etched Price Rich as an easy to follow blueprint that lays a concrete foundation to not just publishing on Amazon but making the real deal, pay-the-bill type money."

Are there any surprises in Price Rich, Von Money?

"I think my shock the world moment happens when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen come into the picture."

You referenced Michelle Tanner from Full House?

"You'll have to read the book. I can say that the celebrity twins are mentioned."

Fair enough. Back to the book. Are you saying that a regular person with no publishing experience can self publish a book and make money from home?

"100% Yes. Absolutely anyone can become a self published author and make money publishing Kindle ebooks from home."

Ok let's say I'm a Dan Brown or Tim Ferris wannabe. Are you telling me I can write a book and publish on Amazon from my laptop?


When? How much?

"Right now and free. As amazing as that is, it's true. Anyone can write and publish an ebook on Amazon at no charge."

Ok Von Money, real quick, sum up for us why everyone should buy Price Rich right now.

"This is the best chance to get rich you'll ever have."

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PS 100% satisfaction 7-day money-back guara

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