Magic Words That Sell Books: How to sell books with certain words - What gets more sales when put in three places?
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Magic Words That Sell Books: How to sell books with certain words - What gets more sales when put in three places?

by Ian Stables
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Magic Words That Sell Books

How To Sell Books With Certain Words

What Gets More Sales When Put In Three Places?

This is what I've personally discovered increased my book sales the moment I used it.

If you want to know how to sell books on Amazon, then you will benefit from knowing what I've discovered. This isn't just how to sell ebooks on Amazon, but it works for print books as well.

Of course, you need to have a quality book first. However, the book will not sell itself. What will do that, is the words readers see before they buy.

There is a lot of books out there about how to sell books and how to sell kindle books, but I haven't seen my method in any of them. No doubt after a few people read this, the method will start appearing in other books.

I discovered this with my own experiences of buying books on the internet and Amazon. Although most books didn't do this, there were, now and again, certain ones that did. I would get this feeling of I must get this book now. After a while, it occurred to me what it was and decided to try it myself.

As soon as I used it, I noticed a definite spike in sales.

It's a simple concept which works very well. I didn't think you wanted one hundred pages of fluff, so I got to the point quickly. Therefore, this is a fairly short Kindle guide.

Includes the powerful book description short-cut that sells

This is gold. It's a method I learned from a world-class copywriter.(That's someone who writes words that sell products and services.

You will very quickly and easily be able to know exactly what to offer to get the most sales. It's very powerful and effective. Not many people think of it.

Increase your book sales by reading this now.

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