Financial Point Man's Success Strategies: Volume 4 - Estate Planning
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Financial Point Man's Success Strategies: Volume 4 - Estate Planning

by William Cantrell
Kindle Edition: 112 pages
Publisher: 102nd Place, LLC

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William H. Cantrell is a multi-credentialed financial professional combining extensive tax expertise with comprehensive financial planning. Bill’s passion is helping people to discover their unique path to financial success. Through active listening, analyzing and advising, Bill plays the role of “Financial Point Man” to his clients.
As principal of Cantrell Financial Strategies, Bill has found that people share three common goals: to Create, Protect, and Transfer Wealth how, when and to whom they choose. Volume 4 – Estate Planning, of his Financial Point Man’s Success Strategies series, removes the mystery and complexity surrounding estate planning with a clear, step-by-step process to ensure your legacy is protected.
Whether you consider yourself “wealthy” or not, everyone will benefit by having an estate plan. Learn how to:
• Hire the Right Advisors
• Fact Gather – with easy to use forms and worksheets
• Define Your Goals – the 14 most important questions you need to ask and answer
• Analyze Facts – think through the outcomes
• Finalize Your Plan – a detailed look at the instruments (Trusts, Wills, Insurance, etc.)
• Make the Money Work – tips for the surviving spouse

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