How To Be The Most Engaging Person In The Room... Every Time
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How To Be The Most Engaging Person In The Room... Every Time

by Jordan Gray
Kindle Edition: 29 pages

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As human beings, our social skills are paramount. Your ability to connect with others (or inability) will dramatically affect every element of your life.

Our social skills are rapidly on the DECLINE right now. With every year that passes there are millions of people that are born into a world where they are raised with e-mail, text messaging, and smart phones… as opposed to connection, intimacy, and a strong sense of community.

Through this easy to read, value-packed book you will discover . . .

* The one thing you need to know to truly connect with others. It's so simple that anyone can start doing it today. . .

* On pages 12 - 14 you'll learn conversational structures that will abolish "awkward pauses" from your conversations for the rest of your life. Guaranteed.

* The two different ways that you can communicate with a more masculine or feminine conversational partner that will revolutionize how you communicate with others for the rest of your life

* Pages 18 - 23 are like a road map that will empower you to learn the parts of your personality (that have always been a part of you) that are already interesting and engaging!


"I just finished reading this book and was pleased to take away several new skills to practice in social situations. To be honest I used to feel really uncomfortable making 'small talk' but now have the tools and practical skills to make small talk a breeze. Don't underestimate what being able to talk to anyone with ease gives you - it's life changing!"

Mitch B.

"The exercises are unique and forced me to step a little outside of my comfort zone, which was great! Really solid book, I would recommend it to anyone."

Simon T.

"Social skills are not usually explicitly taught, we just have to learn them by watching other people but this does not always happen. Great to see a quality resource on increasing social skills."



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