The Art of Influencing Anyone
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The Art of Influencing Anyone

by Niall Cassidy
Kindle Edition: 250 pages

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Let's face it: the best people in the world do not get the best outcome of all. Consider that, in the real world: 1. The best candidates do NOT get hired; 2. The best products do NOT sell the most; and 3. The best workers do NOT get promoted The truth is... opportunities are NOT reserved for the most capable people. Rather, it is for those who LOOK the most capable You see, the key is not about how good you really are, but how good you APPEAR to be in the eyes of other people So grab this book now and learn how to: 1. Appear like an expert by just knowing a little; 2. Penetrate into the minds of your listeners; 3. Get people's attention in just a few seconds; 4. Plant covert messages into people's minds; 5. Change people's attitude subtly and swiftly; 6. Induce an instant desire for your products.

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