Write It and Sell It: How to write a book and sell it - The proven step-by-step plan that works!
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Write It and Sell It: How to write a book and sell it - The proven step-by-step plan that works!

by Ian Stables
Kindle Edition: 75 pages

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Author of, The Self Publishing Success Formula

Write It and Sell It

How To Write A Book And Sell It

The Proven Step-By-Step Plan That Works!

For Nonfiction Books
What difference would it make to your income, if you could produce very desirable books... and have a lot of people see them?

This step-by-step book is a proven plan. The result, is a book that is easy to sell and put in a place where potentially everyone will see it.

This is not just about how to write a book. (A nonfiction book of course.) It's not just about how to sell and promote books either.

It's about both being combined, to help the most people and make the best income as a result. This is how to write and sell Kindle books for the best results.

You won't get the best results by creating a book and then promoting it like mad. The selling starts before you even start writing.

If you do it this way, it will be as easy as selling a Ferrari for $100. The book is what you're selling. The promotion is just getting others to know it's available.

This best-selling author lets you in on his plan.

You're about to learn how to...

Find highly desirable book subjects
This is the author's own way of quickly finding out what the masses want to know.

Find all the content you need in a different and better way
This isn't about just finding lot of information and then writing it down. That's hard and doesn't give the best results possible.

This is about finding the information and then doing something with it. You do this before you create an outline or write. The writing part is a lot easier and faster as a result.

Create an outline in a simple way
You get two options. The choice is the one that works for you. However, you must choose one as it is how to write a nonfiction book that flows.

Write chapters a lot more easily and that readers love
This is golden. This is what makes readers love certain books. It's what the author has discovered over the years.

This is an easy to follow, step-by-step way, of writing all your chapters. Readers love it.

Write a book introduction designed to sell your book
This is the structure that the author has found to produce the best results.

Write a conclusion that helps your reader
The conclusion is there to help your readers gain the most from your book. It's not difficult to write, but it must be there.

Polish your book the easy and effective way
Clear out the errors, using the author's personal easy proven method.

Typos and poor grammar are often the reason for poor book reviews. Avoid them.

Create book titles that get the sale
The author's two-part formula. It creates powerful book titles by combining two things.

Write book descriptions using a structure that sells
The author has tested different ways. This is the one that has given the best results.

Get your book in front of the most buyers, by doing just three things
These three, have always given the author more sales than anything else.

Continually increase your income and keep it there using 'The Golden Key'
If you do continue to do this step, your royalties will continue to increase every month.

Read and start using these methods now. You will be helping yourself and your readers.

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