How Do You Prepare for an Interview?
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How Do You Prepare for an Interview?

by Peggy McKee
Kindle Edition: 61 pages
Publisher: Career Confidential

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Someone who isn't as good at the job as you are, but is better prepared for the interview,
can easily beat you out for the job.

Job interviews are more competitive than ever.  If you go to interviews but are not getting offers, someone else is out-preparing and out-performing you in the interview.  This book will turn YOU into the stand-out candidate who walks away with the job.

As a Bonus with the book, you also get a Free Downloadable Interview Prep Guide - Career Confidential's Job Interview Prep Kit will walk you through any professional or executive job interview preparation.


What This Book Will Do For You:

* Tell you what hiring managers (your interviewers) really value--that they will NEVER tell you
* Show you how to research the company so you know more than everyone else (impressive)
* Highlight the most important questions you can ask as a candidate
* Show you how to prove that you'll be great at the job
* Warn you about interview mistakes that are holding you back
* Make sure you can say "I nailed it. They said I was the best-prepared candidate they've ever seen and I got the job."


What Kinds of Tips Are in the Book?

* Easy Steps to Thoroughly Research the Company
* 20 Questions to Ask In the Interview That Will Blow Their Minds
* Answers to 5 of the Most Difficult Interview Questions
* Tips to Prepare and Use a Brag Book and/or 30-60-90-Day Plan To Shine in the Interview
* Rules for Interview Attire to Make the Best Impression
* What Body Language You Need To Use (and What You Need to Stop Immediately)
* And Much More


Who This Book Is For:

This book is for anyone who wants to make sure you get the job offer every time you interview.

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