HOW TO SPOT A LIAR 99% Of The Time: Just ask a simple question (Self help methods that work Book 2)
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HOW TO SPOT A LIAR 99% Of The Time: Just ask a simple question (Self help methods that work Book 2)

by Ian Stables
Kindle Edition: 30 pages

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Catch A Liar Out Using A Simple Question That Works

One simple question. One simple answer. That's how easy it is to tell if someone is lying or hiding something. It's how to spot a liar the easy effective way.

Unlike other lie detection methods, 'The Super Easy Lie Detector' is simple and highly accurate. There are no complicated systems to learn like body language or NLP. Anyone can do this. It's that simple.

If you don't want to know if someone's lying, then don't learn this method.

You're about to learn how to...

How to tell if someone is lying by just asking a simple question
Lie detection made simple. The simple question that effectively detects lies.

There's only one right answer. They get it wrong and you know they are lying or hiding something.

Use it any time you speak to someone. Whether face to face or on the telephone.

Spot deception in the written word
How to detect lies in what they write.

We are bombarded with advertising every day. Learn how to spot the deception.

Find out what to look for in text messages. Who's lying on Facebook?

Stop being deceived by certain words and phrases
There are certain words and phrases that are never to be trusted. They are nearly always used when lying or there's something to hide. You'll find out what they are. Don't be deceived by them ever again.

This is the answer to lies and deception. Do yourself a favour. Learn it now.

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