The Writer's Book of Inspiration: Quotes on Writing and the Literary Life
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The Writer's Book of Inspiration: Quotes on Writing and the Literary Life

by Stephanie Gunning
Kindle Edition: 296 pages
Publisher: Creative Blast Press

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Funny, perceptive, and practical—this compendium of memorable quotations from our favorite writers and great literary figures shows us that, as word smiths, we are not alone in how or why we choose to meet the challenge of the blank page. Despite the fact that the act of writing is an often sloppy and sometimes frustrating process, it is also an exhilarating, joyful, entertaining, and even noble, endeavor, which, if done honestly and practiced faithfully, ultimately reveals every aspect of the human condition.

Here you will find encouragement, advice, and motivation, along with belly laughs. A gift for everyone who writes, or longs to, THE WRITER'S BOOK OF INSPIRATION: QUOTES ON WRITING AND THE LITERARY LIFE reads like a a conversation at a gathering of old, close friends.

Stephanie Gunning, aka The Get a Book Deal Coach, provides editorial, training, and consulting services in support of book writers who want to develop their full personal and professional potential. A former senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell in New York City, she's acquired and worked with hundreds of writers on their books in a career spanning almost three decades, and has personally drafted over 25 professionally published books to date.

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