How to Talk to People: The Shy Person's Guide to Confident Conversation (BestSelfHelp Book 2)
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How to Talk to People: The Shy Person's Guide to Confident Conversation (BestSelfHelp Book 2)

by Kate Kennedy
Kindle Edition: 46 pages

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Do you ever feel tongue-tied and shy when meeting new groups of people? Do you wish you had a cheat sheet of things to say and questions to ask?

How to Talk to People: The Shy Person’s Guide to Confident Conversation delivers real advice from a former shy girl who has learned the hard way what really works to start and maintain confident, meaningful conversations.

You’ll learn:
* The step-by-step technique that works for starting confident conversations in your personal and professional life.
* Exactly how to keep a good conversation flowing.
* A simple trick that can turn the tables on shyness and leave you feeling more courageous, instantly.
* The one question you can always ask to create a more meaningful conversation.
* The easiest way to get unstuck from a conversation when you don’t know what to say next.
* How to elevate a conversation from simple small talk to a more meaningful discussion that you’ll all remember.
* What to do when a conversation starts to die.
* "The Five Reach Out Rule" and how it can help you create more meaningful friendships and a happier life.

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