The Kindle Writing Bible: How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book From Start To Finish (Kindle Publishing Bible 3)
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The Kindle Writing Bible: How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book From Start To Finish (Kindle Publishing Bible 3)

by Tom Corson-Knowles
Kindle Edition: 84 pages
Publisher: Kindle Marketing Group

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How To Write A Bestselling Nonfiction Book In 7 Days Flat

I Believe Anyone Can Succeed Today as a Nonfiction Author With These Proven Strategies for Success

You could be just a few days away from completing your bestselling nonfiction book. In The Kindle Writing Bible, you will learn:

How to Overcome The 7 Deadly Writing Obstacles

Learn how to overcome the 7 deadly writing obstacles that could stop you from achieving the success you seek. You will learn to conquer your fear, procrastination, indecision, perfectionism, lack of money, lack of knowledge and lack of vision to become a bestselling author.

How To Double or Even Triple Your Writing Productivity

Learn the secrets to writing faster and higher quality books I used to triple my writing productivity. If you're a slow writer or struggle with writer's block, you will love these proven writing strategies!

How To Have Someone Else Write Your Book For You

I've helped hundreds of would-be authors who don't like to write how to effectively hire a ghostwriter or use audio recordings to help write your book much faster. If you have an idea and a passion for helping people, you can become a best-selling nonfiction author using these strategies!

The 5 Simple Steps To Writing An Amazing Book

Learn the 5 simple steps it takes to write a great book. Your readers will love your work when you follow these steps for writing a nonfiction book because they guarantee you writer will find the solutions to their problems. Writing nonfiction is easy when you follow the right system!

How To Pick a Niche For Your Book That Will Be Guaranteed to Sell

You can actually calculate ahead of time how well your book will sell using this simple marketing research technique! Once you understand the sales potential for your nonfiction books, you'll never be "writing blind" again, and you will understand what your readers are willing to pay for.

How To Give Your Readers Exactly What They Want

Readers of nonfiction books want one thing: a solution to their problem. If you can provide them with a convenient, easy, cheap, or quick solution to their problem, they will love you forever and buy more of your books. Readers love convenience, ease, organization and step-by-step action guides.

Learn how to write a bestseller by giving your readers what they really want.

How To Increase Your Creativity to Genius Levels

Creativity isn't just an art - there's a science to it, too! Learn the science of how you can drastically increase your creative output using a simple notebook and tape recorder or voice recording app for your smartphone.

How To Write A Kindle Book Fast

Kindle books don't have to be 745 pages and full of images, tables, graphics, charts and references. You can write a simple, helpful how-to book, and as long as it solves the right problems and helps your readers, they will love you for keeping it simple!

The Psychology of Nonfiction Readers

Learn the psychology of nonfiction readers so that you can turn your readers into loyal, raving fans who will write you book reviews and tell everyone they know about your helpful books.

About The Author

My poetry was first published at age 16 in Teen Ink magazine and I started writing books at age 19 but had no idea how to get my message out to anyone other than my friends and family. Finally, I discovered Amazon's Kindle Publishing platform and published my first book on Kindle on February 10, 2012.

Since then, I've sold over 100,000 nonfiction ebooks on Kindle and now earn a full-time income as a part-time Kindle author. I've since helped thousands of self-published authors like myself sell more books on Kindle. If I can do it, you can too!

Learn how to write a bestseller today! Scroll up and click the buy button now.

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