How to Learn Higher Paying Skills
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How to Learn Higher Paying Skills

by Steve Churchill
Kindle Edition: 154 pages
Publisher: Didactable, LLC

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The most important thing you need to get a better job is the ability to learn new skills quickly!

This book will help you develop a personal learning strategy for mastering new, higher paying skills. You'll discover how you learn best and what your own personal learning preferences are. You will learn what resources are "out there" for teaching yourself these higher paying skills.

As you work through the lessons in this book, you will develop the ability to learn new job skills fast. You will create a "toolbox" to adapt to evolving job markets and technologies. While others worry about job security, you will feel confident and secure in your own marketability.

Many businesses don't care what or how many degrees someone has, they simply want to know how you will make or save them money. Teaching yourself the skills discussed in this book will improve your chances with potential employers.

In just a few hours of reading, you will learn:
* Why and how you can retool for better income and career success
* Proven ways for you to learn faster and more effectively
* How you can make your study time much more profitable
* How to improve your attention span and concentration
* How to ask effective questions to accelerate your career
* How to solve problems effectively
* How you can learn new skills fast and free by going online
* How to learn new software skills fast, effectively, and for free
* How to make or save your business more money
* How to ethically persuade people to help them get what they want
* How to develop professional relationships for professional success
* Learn the basics of management and leadership
* How to improve your job hunting strategies
* How to think for yourself to be versatile and innovative

What others have said:
"Gave me great ideas to help pursue my career!"
"Great advice about what to expect and how to transition in my career."
"Very informative and useful...helps shift the job hunting mindset."

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