The Smart Diet Plan: Permanent Weight Loss without Dieting or Starving
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The Smart Diet Plan: Permanent Weight Loss without Dieting or Starving

by Liz Vidal
Kindle Edition: 86 pages

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The Smart Diet Plan offers a proven, comprehensive approach for slimming down naturally while enjoying delicious meals, without starving and without counting calories or measuring portions.

The Smart Diet Plan addresses the food triggers that dieters must learn to manage in order to maintain an environment that promotes healthy eating habits.

The best diet is a healthy lifestyle that everyone can follow anytime and anywhere, even on Holidays, social gatherings and restaurants.

The author has condensed the best principles from several proven diets, to create a plan that anyone can follow long term without feeling deprived.

This book is not a promo or introduction to another book. It is a self-contained guide filled with practical steps for slimming down naturally.

In this book you'll learn:

Tips on how to avoid processed food and drinks - your first line of defense
How to manage cravings throughout the day with tasty, filling and healthy snacks
How to reduce wheat from your diet for guaranteed, fast results
A chapter on restaurants showing how to eat smart when dining out
How to sneak vegetables into your food (for those who don't like veggies)
How to create and maintain a weekly routine that supports healthy eating habits
A beginner's guide to exercise
Delicious recipes and suggestions for all meals including desserts

If you understand why fad diets don't work and are ready to take concrete and actionable steps to put into practice today then this guide is for you.

Don't wait until after the Holidays to get started. Get your copy now and kick-start the new year with the Smart Diet Plan.

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