How to Write for Kindle: A Non-Fiction Book in 72-Hours or Less (Writing Skills 1)
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How to Write for Kindle: A Non-Fiction Book in 72-Hours or Less (Writing Skills 1)

by Nancy L. Hendrickson
Kindle Edition: 72 pages
Publisher: Green Pony Press, Inc.

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Newly Revised for 2014

This book is frequently updated to reflect the most current Kindle information.
New in the 4th edition (2014):Even more valuable information on getting book reviews, finding reviewers, and promotion opportunities (Kindle Countdown and Kindle MatchBook), expanded choosing categories and keywords. If you've already purchased this book, go to your Kindle account to download the newest version.

Do you have an idea for a non-fiction book but aren't sure if you have the time to write it? Now you can, using the 5-step WRITE-FAST STRATEGY.

The Kindle platform has turned the publishing world upside down, giving authors like you the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge with the entire world. The Kindle has made it easy to publish your own work without going through a traditional publishing company and being saddled with a contract that favors the company over the author. By self-publishing, you keep the majority of the sales money - not the other way around. Plus, you get the pleasure and pride of being a published author!

Are You Worried You Can't Write Fast Enough?

Using the WRITE-FAST STRATEGY, which takes you from outline, through research, writing and beyond, you really can write a quality Kindle book in a short period of time. That's because TIME isn't the culprit - the problem is lack of a strategy. This book will solve that!

PART I - Write the Book

STRATEGY #1 How to pick the best niche to maximize your success

STRATEGY #2 Outlining is the key to fast writing. How to outline - but not like you learned in high school!

STRATEGY #3 Research topics quickly and effectively

STRATEGY #4 Learn distraction-free writing - up to 2,000 words an hour

STRATEGY #5 Revise and polish. Rinse and repeat.

PART II - Kindle Magic - Tricks of the Trade

Learn how to easily:
1. Choose your title
2. Create or purchase an irresistible cover
3. Format your manuscript
4. Write a compelling book description
5. Choose the best category for success
6. Why you need to join the KDP Select Program
7. Picking the best days for promotion
8. How to get reviews
9. Best pricing practices

Fast Doesn't Mean Poor Quality

Anyone can write a crummy book fast. That's not the goal. Using your knowledge, experience and research ability you can quickly write a book of high quality, one that's filled with the hard-to-find information that readers are dying to buy. Once you learn the techniques of fast writing you'll quickly see how easy it is to craft a high quality book in a short time. That's because you'll learn to use these strategies to maximize your time and effort. And, the more you use these strategies the faster you'll get.

How to Write for Kindle is a no-fluff guide for writers on-the-go who have something to say and not a lot of time to say it.


If you're ready to say "hello" to increased income, pride of product, and the thrill of seeing your name on a great book . . . click the orange Buy button at the top of this page (or Gift this book to a friend), download in seconds and start writing your book today!

*This book is frequently updated.

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