How to Write & Sell Non-Fiction Books for Kindle: 5-Step Blueprint to Quickly Write & Publish Your Book in 72 Hours or Less (Writing Skills 1)
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How to Write & Sell Non-Fiction Books for Kindle: 5-Step Blueprint to Quickly Write & Publish Your Book in 72 Hours or Less (Writing Skills 1)

by Nancy L. Hendrickson
Kindle Edition: 91 pages
Publisher: Green Pony Press, Inc.

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Write & Successfully Sell Kindle Books

Updated for 2015: Follow the author's five-step blueprint to quickly write a non-fiction book, then publish and immediately begin selling on Amazon's Kindle platform.In addition to the fast-writing blueprint, the author has added new material, including:

This book was originally published as How to Write For Kindle; it has undergone a major expansion of close to 10K words.

Self-Publishing - You Need to Go Indie

The Kindle platform has turned the publishing world upside down, giving authors like you the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge with the entire world. The Kindle has made it easy to publish your own work without going through a traditional publishing company and being saddled with a contract that favors the company over the author. By self-publishing, you keep the majority of the sales money - not the other way around. Plus, you get the pleasure and pride of being a published author! 

Worried That You Can't Write a Book Fast Enough?

Using the author's five-step blueprint, you'll learn how to quickly outline, research, write, polish, and publish - all in as little as 72 hours. If you know your topic, you really can write your book quickly using the strategies detailed in this book.   

Step #1 Outlining is the key to fast writing. How to outline - but not like you learned in high school!

Step #2 Research topics quickly and effectively

Step #3 Learn distraction-free writing - up to 2,000 words an hour

Step #4 Revise and polish. Rinse and repeat.

Step #5 Cover design and formatting

Now That You're Published, What's Next?

Discover the little tweaks that can mean big profit, including

Ready to Start Writing, Publishing & Selling?

If you're ready to say "hello" to increased income, pride of product, and the thrill of seeing your name on a great book . . . click the orange Buy button at the top of this page (or Gift this book to a friend), download in seconds and start writing your book today!

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Unsolicited email from author Margie Layton:

"I found your “How to Write & Sell Non-Fiction Kindle Books” after midnight last night. I had downloaded books for hours it seemed, trying to find a simple, easy book on how to format and submit a book to Kindle. (I’m very new to this.) With a headache from wondering how so many people could write so much and say so little, I was about to give up and go to bed when I found “the mother lode”! Your Book! How could I have missed it?? Headache forgotten, my eyes could not move fast enough until I finished it. I’m not sure what time that was. Before I sit down today to read (instead of “gulp”) it again I must thank you. My wish is that someday one of my readers will find that excitement and joy of reading in one of my books that I just found in yours. THANK YOU.

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