The Body Language Of Leaders: Learn How To Read, Understand, And Lead With Body Language.
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The Body Language Of Leaders: Learn How To Read, Understand, And Lead With Body Language.

by Brian Night
Kindle Edition: 46 pages

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This Book With Teach You:
  • How To Change Your Own Body Language To Make Your Appearance More Attractive and Powerful
  • How to connect with people on a deeper level using warm body language
  • How to read different types of body language
  • How to use different body language postures to connect with different personality types
  • How all great leaders use body language to inspire and motivate 
  • How you can improve your own body language with a few quick tips
Did you know that words only make up around 8% of your daily communication with other people? The tone of your voice makes up around 32% and body language comes in around 60%. That means how you present yourself has a significant impact on every conversation you have during the day. Have you even had a gut feeling about somebody before they even spoke? Have you felt attracted to someone before you even had a conversation? Have you even met someone who gave
you a bad vibe, even though they never said anything to you? These are all examples of your brain perceiving body language.

Understanding your own body language is extremely important in life, but we will also teach you how reading body language can be beneficial as well. That gut instinct that you feel when something is not right or you feel someone is lying, is your brain interpreting body language. You can learn to read the
body language of your coworkers, employees, friends, and even romantic interests. This book will be geared towards the work environment, but these tips can be used throughout everyday life.

If you fail to have strong powerful body language, you could be missing out on numerous opportunities in life. With just a few adjustments to your posture, you can become more approachable and inviting. This will allow you to communicate with others on a deeper level, and become more sought after by the opposite sex. Have you ever noticed that one of your friends always seems to attract new friends and is the life of the party? Most likely he or she has
strong body language.

During a normal social interaction, our brains decide what we think about a person in the first ten seconds. Strong body language will give an impression of power and strength. You will also be viewed as warm and inviting. Unfortunately, most people fail to have proper body language. They go through life missing out on numerous opportunities. This book looks to change this trend and will teach you how to take full advantage of your body language. So download now and learn how body language can change your life.

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