How to Improve Your Memory and Remember Anything: A Very Easy Guide
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How to Improve Your Memory and Remember Anything: A Very Easy Guide

by John Connelly
Kindle Edition: 60 pages

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About "How to Improve Your Memory and Remember Anything":

Ever wondered how some people have fantastic memories and can remember whole text books, while you struggle with your phone number?

Amazed at how 'magicians' are able to remember the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards?

This book will explain how all these things are possible, and more importantly how you can do them too! Written in easy to understand and everyday language this short eBook will give you a crash course in all the tools you need to improve your memory and remember anything.

To make sure you get the most value for money possible, I've also included the FREE eBook How to Study. It contains my best advice on time management, goal setting, and how to get the best grades with the least effort. It's advice that also transfers brilliantly well to professionals, the self-employed, and anyone who manages their own projects and/or daily work cycle.

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