Get A Job Every Time Using A Simple Question
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Get A Job Every Time Using A Simple Question

by Ian Stables
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Get A Job Every Time Using A Simple Question

How do I get a job? Instead of trying to get the job, let them talk you into it. Can you do that? Yes you can. By using a simple question in the interview. It's worked every time I've used it.

The author discovered this simple technique from his many years of sales experience. Most sales people spend a lot of time trying to convince customers to buy their product or service. This is hard work.

However, he found an easier way. Instead of convincing them to buy, he asked them a simple question. The result was that they bought without any convincing.

Later, when he applied for a new job, he changed the question slightly and used it at the interview. It worked like a charm. He was telephoned in less than an hour after the interview and offered the job.

Get them to talk you into working for them with a simple, but powerful, question
When it comes time for you to ask questions, make sure you use this one. It makes them try to talk you into working for them. It's worked every time the author has used it.

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