Amidst Traffic (Short Stories)
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Amidst Traffic (Short Stories)

by Michel Sauret
Kindle Edition: 338 pages
Publisher: One Way Street Production

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If you love smart, intellectual fiction, this book is for you!

From an old man collecting drinking straws three at a time, to a pair of Chicago drug addicts faring poorly in their attempt to raise a child, nearly everyone involved in this collection of connected stories cannot shake the feeling that something bigger than themselves is going on.

Every story is crafted with strong writing and a love for humanity.

Moving from diners to gas stations, from urban apartments to the war in Iraq, these stories tackle the question of faith in desperate times. Lost, struggling characters look for meaning.

And yet, the topic of faith is handled with literary class, without insulting the reader with preachy tones. Just honest, compelling stories reside inside.

The prose is literary and poetic. The characters are so real, you can't help but feel their struggles.

Fate and free will are called into play. There are visionaries who can predict tragedy before it strikes. And there are visionary hunters who stand on the edge of manipulating their power. There's a man who inexplicably digs a hole in his back yard to escape nightmares, and a woman who tattoos words on her body, and a man who thinks his shoes are talking to him.

Everything is connected.

While many of the characters and their actions can come across random, chaotic or ordinary, as their stories begin to intersect, they lead to greater questions about life and who is in control of it. How do we reconcile the chaos of the world with a faith in God? These stories explore the answers and the questions that drive them.

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