Mind, Time and Power! Using the hidden power of your mind
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Mind, Time and Power! Using the hidden power of your mind

by Anthony Hamilton
Kindle Edition: 154 pages
Publisher: Hamilton Training Group

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"Mind, Time and Power!" describes the new psychology for the 21st century.

Traditional psychology is based on a Newtonian paradigm of cause and effect, where the past creates the present. This means that the experiences of our past have created a box within we must live our lives and from which it is difficult to escape.

The new paradigm of 'quantum consciousness' is based on the latest discoveries in quantum physics and psychology. It reveals a new model of consciousness in which we find that the human mind is really a kind of time machine, able to gather and process information from both the past and the future and unlimited parallel realities.

One aspect of this new view of consciousness is that we each possess a kind of 'future memory'. Our mind works in the future in the same way as it works in the past. What has previously been dismissed as 'day dreaming' and having no value, now is revealed as the most important aspect of our thinking.

The true and hidden secret of success is this aspect of consciousness.

It only takes a little bit of reflection to reveal that people who are creative and successful are those that use this aspect of consciousness to gather information from possible futures and incorporate this information into their planning and decision making.

The simple act of asking ourselves "What if?" reveals that the answers to this question provide us with insights and intuitions which we could have access to in no other way.

"Mind, Time and Power!" also reveals the true success process.

By understanding what your mind is doing when you perform a simply act such as planning a dinner party or a summer vacation you begin to gain insight into the role that this future thinking has on your ability to create, attract and produce more of your goals as physical realities in the present.

Instead of your dreams and goals remaining as mere possibilities, they become the seeds of the new physical reality that you enjoy in the here and now each and every day.

How would you feel if you knew that you could create your most cherished dreams and goals with absolute certainty?

How would it feel to know that what you have considered past mistakes and past problems can be transformed into sources of power which empower you to achieve more of your goals?

How would it feel to experience your reality is changing right before your eyes?

How would you feel to know, with absolute certainty that the power you need to draw upon to create the life of your choice is within your reach?

"Mind Time and Power!" will reveal the secrets of making this vision a reality.

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