Management And Leadership Skills: Inspire, Motivate, And Gain The Respect Of Your Peers
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Management And Leadership Skills: Inspire, Motivate, And Gain The Respect Of Your Peers

by BJ Knights
Kindle Edition: 40 pages

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The Problems With Managers And Leaders Today:

30% of workers who plan to leave their current jobs would change their mind if they were able to work under a different boss or management team.

The Main Issues With Beta Managers

-belittling people in public (41%)

- lying (34%)

- being demeaning or condescending (32%)

- humiliating and embarrassing others (24%)

-micromanaging and generally being picky (22%)

Change this trend and become the Alpha leader with our brand new book on leadership and management skills. See a transformation in both yourself and your
employees as you see a new sense of confidence and an increase in production in the office. Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, we guarantee you
will get something out of this book. Climb the corporate ladder at a faster pace, and enjoy the power and financial rewards when you Awaken The Alpha

Learning how to manage and become a great leader is a skill that takes years of practice and experience. This isn't something that just happens overnight
and you will need to dedicate time and energy to both yourself and your team. The intention of this guide is to streamline that process and allow you to
become a great motivating leader is as condensed a time frame as possible. This guide will give you our tried and tested methods that have helped managers
in a variety of different positions. The managers who have used these methods have experienced work productivity increases and a motivated employee base
with a higher moral. These techniques can be utilized if you are a high ranking manager at a Fortune 500 company, or if you are the owner of a small start
up with only a handful of employees.

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