Be An Author: What Would It Be Like If You Write Your Book?
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Be An Author: What Would It Be Like If You Write Your Book?

by Anne Orchard
Kindle Edition: 100 pages
Publisher: Crystal Clear Books

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Do you feel a great desire - or even a need - to write? Creativity and self expression are wired into the human psyche.

As a fledgling writer you may have burning questions about your place in the world of publishing as it is now:

- How do I know if what I have to say deserves to be published?
- Should I try to find a publisher or self-publish?
- What might life be like after my book is in print?
- What is a reasonable goal for my book, and can I achieve it?
- How on earth will I find the time to complete my book?

Be An Author addresses these questions and more through a series of interviews with other authors, just like you, who are writing and promoting books today.

Some of these authors are published others are self-published, what they have to say about the experience is both enlightening and encouraging. This is not a ‘how to’ book - it’s a ‘what would it be like if ...’ book.

In its pages you may just find what you need to inspire and motivate you to fulfil your potential as an author.

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