Author Bundle, Self-Editing and Evaluation Checklist & 45 Promo Prizes- No mailing Required
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Author Bundle, Self-Editing and Evaluation Checklist & 45 Promo Prizes- No mailing Required

by D. R. Humphrey
Kindle Edition: 68 pages

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Self-Editing Guide for Writers: Find and Fix Your Bad Habits

A collection of the best self-editing tips broken down into 4 easy-to-follow steps, designed to find and fix your bad writing habits.

Get your manuscript ready before submitting to literary agents, publishers or self-publishing.

A note from the author...

I put this checklist together after discovering I was making nearly every rookie mistake, in regards to writing and self-publishing. It was not always like this. I used to be proficient when it came to grammar, editing and evaluating. However, there came a period of ten years where I did not write. Not one word, and in doing so, I suddenly found myself lost in a sea of words and rules I no longer understood or remembered.

I designed this guide to help correct my bad writing habits, and I hope that it gives new writers, or old writers like myself that need a refresher, the edge you need to get published or sell more books!

Covered in this guide:

- Misused words
- Overused words
- Style sheet/checking for inconsistencies
- Paragraph length
- Is your voice appropriate for your audience? Does it remain consistent and in the same POV (point of view)?
- Eliminate repetition and wordiness
- Spelling
- Getting rid of clichés
- Dialogue
- Does the theme, plot or topic begin right away, and does it stay on course?
- Comma overuse
- Show vs tell

Also, this includes a free copy of 45 Promo Prizes You Don't Have to Mail. Perfect for new authors trying to market a book on a budget.

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