Crypto Copywriting Secrets - How to create profitable sales letters fast - even if you can't write your way out of a paper bag now
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Crypto Copywriting Secrets - How to create profitable sales letters fast - even if you can't write your way out of a paper bag now

by Ben Settle
Kindle Edition: 74 pages
Publisher: MakeRight Publishing

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Product Description

If you want to double (even triple) the money you make from your sales letters... Even if you're brand new to copywriting, and struggle with it now... Then this short book will show you how.

The name of the book is:

 "Crypto Copywriting Secrets"

And it contains a very simple formula for writing sales letters used by one of the world's top direct response copywriters, whose ads have collectively helped earn millions of dollars in sales. It also shows you exactly how to go from total "newbie" to writing money-making ads in days and weeks, instead of months and years. 

Everything you need to know is covered:

From how to climb "inside" the heads of your prospects (so you know exactly what to say to sell to them)...

... to headlines and opening paragraphs...

... to storytelling and irresistible bullets points...

... to the all-important close, where you ask for the sale.

There are also dozens of other "odds & ends" tips inside to help you score even more sales from your ads.

More Details

The book even has several links to swipe file ads online you can read, study and model for your own copy.

Note: All the hard instruction and content you need is in the book. But if the device you read
Kindle books on doesn't let you read PDF's or surf the web, you will have to manually type the links to the swipe file ads into a browser on a device that does. A small price to pay for access to world class swipe file ads and examples outside the book which are, alone, worth far more than the $2.99 the book costs.)

The best part?

It's simple.
  1. There are no long formulas to memorize.
  2. No tedious writing exercises or chores.
  3. And no painful learning curves.
Everything is spelled out simply and clearly, in a 5-step process that's so easy to follow you may wonder how it can possibly work so well.

But, this easy-to-learn system does work. 

It does get results.

And, it does create sales almost on demand when you get your offers in front of receptive customers.

Download your copy today, and start writing money-making ads by tomorrow...

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