The 28 Day Shift To Wealth: A Daily Prosperity Plan (The Shift Series)
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The 28 Day Shift To Wealth: A Daily Prosperity Plan (The Shift Series)

by Beca Lewis
Kindle Edition: 120 pages
Publisher: Perception Publishing

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WARNING: You book teaches you the deeper meaning of WEALTH
in only 28 days.

"Imagine finally having a handle on your physical, emotional
and monetary wealth, which allows you to go through life smoother and
confident. That would be great, wouldn't it?" Stop Imagining and Start Reading
This Book!

Wealth is a state of mind and point of view. It doesn't
happen, because you work hard to make it happen from the outside. It begins
from the inside out. No one can make this shift of perception for you, you have
to do it for yourself, and the sooner you do, the quicker you experience increased
wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.

This powerful book, with easy to apply ideas, are an
effective tool for making that shift.

As soon as you begin this course, you will experience the
shift from "making it happen", to the internal shift that reveals
what you need just waiting for you to notice it. Change can happen, and Change
is good. Your time to change is NOW.

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