The Busy Writer's Self-Editing Toolbox
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The Busy Writer's Self-Editing Toolbox

by Marg McAlister
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In today's publishing world, it is vitally important that authors understand how to edit and polish their own work. This is true whether you're publishing your own work, or giving it a final spit and polish ready for the eyes of an editor in a publishing house.

These are the facts:

Sure, you can pay an editor or proofreader to go through your book - but that can get expensive and you miss the opportunity to improve the plot and develop your characters.

How The Busy Writer's Self-Editing Toolbox Will Help You

In this handy self-editing guide, you will discover:
You will find that with the Self-Editing Toolbox at your elbow, you will understand exactly what you need to do so your story moves from being just average to one that wins you a loyal band of readers.

If you're a beginner, then The Busy Writer's Self-Editing Toolbox will save you hours of time - and probably quite a few rejections. If you're more experienced, then you can just dip into the Toolbox for whatever you need to help you with those problem areas.

Here's what some satisfied users of the Self-Editing Toolbox say about it:

"I used this when editing my books... Once you know what to look for and how to fix it, these self-editing techniques make your writing tight and powerful." (D.J. Stutley, author of Operation Foxtrot Five and 4 others in the series.)

"The Self-Editing Toolbox really is every writer's essential guide to editing their book to submission standard: easy to follow, yet effective. The colour-coding makes it so easy to sort the rough spots from the prose that glows. I still have some polishing to do but my test readers say they can't wait for more chapters as my characters 'live off the page.' I love they're so hooked by a story that I was struggling to finish and feared I couldn't develop to its full potential. I so nearly gave up on this WIP. With The Self-Editing Toolbox you really have taken the hard graft out of writing." [Viv Adams, Romance Writer]

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