The Busy Writer's One Hour Plot
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The Busy Writer's One Hour Plot

by Marg McAlister
Kindle Edition: 44 pages
Publisher: Marg McAlister

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If you’re a busy writer who loves to write, but hates to plot… the One-Hour Plot System is just what you’ve been looking for!

Lots of people have great ideas for a book. They’re so excited that they just can’t wait to fire up the computer and start writing. Dizzying visions of being a popular author with fans lining up for the next book have them bashing out page after page… for a few days. Or maybe even a few weeks.

Then the harsh reality sets in. They take a day off writing The Novel, because they have come up blank. They can’t seem to work out what should happen next… maybe a night off will help?

The next day they still can’t think of what to do next, so they take another day off.

Uh oh.

Is this the dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’ they’ve read about???

Probably not. It’s more likely to be You-Forgot-to-Plot-Your-Book Block. The sad truth is that while some writers can write day after day and plot ‘on the fly’, most of us need to have some idea of where we’re going.

It’s not necessary to sit down and create a 40-page outline or spend days on character profiles (although you can if you want to!) but you will have a better chance of writing your book quickly and easily if:

• You know what your characters want,
• You know why they want it, and
• You know how they plan to get it.

That’s where the Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot comes in. It shows you how to sit down with a timer and a handful of index cards, and work out a solid framework for your story… in just 60 minutes.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It also shows you:

• How to prime the pump (so the ideas flow during that 60 minutes)
• How to tweak your plot (you have the framework – now start fleshing it out)
• How to use sub-plots
• How to write a good ending
• How to add a twist
• Where to find further resources (because good writers are always thirsty for more knowledge!)

Everyone can spare an hour. At the end of it, armed with The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot, you could also have the beginnings of your own best-seller. As others have said:

“"I've just tried the one-hour plot and loved it! I had no idea how the story would end so this surprised me... this is fast and doesn't let me procrastinate." Sharon Halasz

“I closed the door. I muted the mobile. I set the timer for an hour. I started with an idea and I went from there… When the timer buzzed an hour later I had an outline of the plot: setting, character motivation, obstacles, action, character growth and the all-important ending. I had a working outline of my next novel!” Margaret Warner.

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