Triple Threat: Books 1-3 of the Jack Davis Thrillers
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Triple Threat: Books 1-3 of the Jack Davis Thrillers

by Joel Goldman
Kindle Edition: 952 pages

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If you like James Patterson's excitement, Harlan Coben's suspense and Lee Child's action, you'll love Triple Threat, all three Jack Davis thrillers in one ebook!
Jack Davis is "a most compelling main character. He's driven by his own demons and past mistakes. He has what would seem to be an insurmountable flaw. When he develops the shakes and crashes to one knee, he pulls himself up and you, the reader, with him."
Helen Ginger
"Joel Goldman is the real deal!"
John Lescroart, Bestselling author of the Dismas Hardy Thriller series
Grab all three Jack Davis Thrillers in Triple Threat and get ready to lose a good night's sleep!
When FBI Agent Jack Davis investigates a mass murder in Shakedown, the first Jack Davis thriller, a leak of crucial information and his imploding personal life throw him into the ultimate danger zone - where truth lies at the heart of betrayal.
"Shakedown is a really fine novel. Joel Goldman has got it locked and loaded and full of the blood of character and the gritty details that make up the truth. Page for page, I loved it."
Michael Connelly, NYT Bestselling Author
In the second Jack Davis thriller, The Dead Man, people in a study of the human brain start to die exactly as they have dreamed they would die. Called in to find out why, Jack Davis crosses paths with a serial killer, taking him onto both sides of the law and into the path of a murderer's terrifying rage.
"A masterful blend of rock-solid detective work and escalating dread. The Dead Man is both a top-notch thriller and a heart-rending story of loss, courage and second chances. I loved it."
Robert Crais, NYT Bestselling Author
Meeting ex-FBI agent Jack Davis in the middle of a shootout is the best thing that could have happened to Roni Chase in No Way Out. As Jack follows Roni into a lethal web of deceit, years in the making, the only thing that can save them - time - is running out.
"Goldman spins his latest yarn into a clever, complex tangle of chain reactions between six families of characters whose lives are intertwined by blood, greed, lust, desperation and even love."
435 South Magazine
Think Michael Connelly meets Lee Child and you'll get Joel Goldman's Jack Davis Thrillers!
And don't miss Joel Goldman's Lou Mason Thriller series featuring trial lawyer, Lou Mason!

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