Eden's Jester
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Eden's Jester

by Ty Beltramo
Kindle Edition: 272 pages

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Most people wouldn't handle it well if Death joined them for a double espresso at their favorite coffee shop. For Elson, it’s pure opportunity.

The Engineers, a race created to guide the evolutionary progress of Earth throughout the ages, don’t get along. At war over how to interpret the intentions of their creators, those of Law use collaboration and order to promote progress. Those of Chaos believe healthy, or unhealthy, competition is the best means to perfection.

Elson doesn’t buy any of it.

A failure as an Engineer, uncertain as to his role, he wanders through history doing his best to make the Earth a better place.

When Aeson, a real bad guy and powerful Engineer of Chaos, reveals his intentions to experiment in Elson’s backyard, Elson enlists the help of Death in a coffee shop deal to murder Aeson’s human operatives. But, as usual, things go horribly wrong. Heads are exploding, ships are sinking. Aeson blames Melanthios, a Lord of Law. Melanthios, for his part, suspects Elson.

Melanthios, hoping to avoid a conflict that could result in another Dark Age, threatens Elson with a one-way ticket to the Abyss if Elson can’t unravel the mess he’s made.

Elson realizes both his friends and enemies are using him in a game of intrigue where Earth's next evolutionary step will be decided by the winner.

Elson has other ideas.

Grab the coffee. Make it a large. It's going to be a full day.

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