Selected: The 180 Minute Guide to Job Interview Preparation
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Selected: The 180 Minute Guide to Job Interview Preparation

by Mark Hipwood
Kindle Edition: 68 pages

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The goal of this ebook is, in the space of about three hours, to coach you through the process of getting yourself prepared and confident for a job interview. We are not going to give you lots of theory or long blocks of text to read and dwell on.

The approach of this book is to hone right in on the brass tacks of job preparation. We have done the hard work for you, of reading through the theory and arriving at a powerful, practical approach that will help you feel calm and poised as you sit down for your upcoming interview. What this book aims to do is to give you a highly effective method of preparing for your interview in as efficient a manner as possible.

By the time you have finished reading through this book you will have the following:

- A crystal clear picture of how your goals and aspirations fit with your prospective employer

- A strong linkage between your skill set and what your prospective employer is looking for

- Three high powered statements to make about who you are, why you desire this job and what you can bring the organization

- A strategy for engaging with your panel and making a lasting impression

- You will also have taken part on a mock interview

Whilst this is a book you can read at leisure, and dip into as you see fit, this book is intended to be highly practical and hands-on, delivering tried and tested techniques for job preparation in a very concentrated way.

Ultimately, the purpose of this guide is to bring a job interview candidate up to speed very quickly and effectively within a 3 hour timeframe. It is not in this sense a conventional book which emphasizes theory, with the occasional exercise.

Rather, the reader is launched into a series of highly practical exercises which focus directly on the achievement of a goal: namely, success in an upcoming job interview.

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