Perfect Paragraphs: How to Write Killer Paragraphs in Essays and Assignments
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Perfect Paragraphs: How to Write Killer Paragraphs in Essays and Assignments

by Virginia Juster
Kindle Edition: 22 pages

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Do you have trouble writing paragraphs, essays and assignments?

Do you struggle with organizing your information into clear,logical paragraphs?

Chances are you haven't mastered the skill of writing good paragraphs.

The paragraph is the basic unit of your essay and crucial to its success.
Just like the old saying, " you have to learn to walk before you run", you need to write effective paragraphs before you can write successful essays.

Don't despair. You can learn this writing skill and be on your way to academic success. You may never have been shown the tips and techniques to writing good paragraphs. Here's your chance to learn the right way to put your information into paragraphs that work.

In this book, you have a step by step guide to writing better paragraphs, all explained with examples and easy exercises to help you understand the main principles.

You will learn:

What a paragraph is
The main elements it should contain
The correct structure
The importance of the topic sentence
How to develop supporting ideas
How to include evidence
How to conclude
Ways to achieve unity and coherence
How to link your paragraphs

Presented in a simple and concise style which you will easily understand, this book may be all you need to build your confidence in writing and improve your paragraphs, essays and assignments and most importantly, your results.


I have written this book because after a thirty five year career teaching students the skills of English expression, I know that writing assignments causes students a lot of stress and anxiety. In my search to discover why essays and assignments were so difficult for so many, I realized that many students did not know how to begin their writing. They had the information but didn't know what to do with it!

It soon became obvious to me that many students had never learnt how to write a proper paragraph. It wasn't their fault. They couldn't write essays because they couldn't write paragraphs. This book is the result of what my students taught me - the best way to teach them. I'm grateful to them for sharing their experiences with me. I hope this book helps you to write better and makes writing essays and assignments a little easier.

Best Wishes

Virginia Juster

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