Signs and Wonders (Annie Grace adventures Book 1)
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Signs and Wonders (Annie Grace adventures Book 1)

by Alex Adena
Kindle Edition: 119 pages
Publisher: Alex Adena

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Annie Grace grew up as the daughter of a faith healing crusader who told her she could perform miracles. But 25 years later, after she has inherited her late father's ministry, Annie's only remaining conviction is that she is a fraud -- a fear she must face when the district attorney confronts her about the ministry's past. As a pesky television reporter hounds her and a U.S. senator subpoenas her to testify before Congress, Annie is forced to reveal the truth to herself and to the world. When she does, mysterious things begin to happen. What is the meaning of these signs and wonders?

About the Annie Grace books: "Signs and Wonders" is novella and "Finding Grace" is a novel that picks up six months later. The ebook of  "Signs and Wonders" contains the first chapter of "Finding Grace" so you can decide if you want to continue the journey with Annie. The series, though, is written in a way that you can start at any point in the series and enjoy it. Each book is a single adventure.

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