Stress Cure Now-A Stress Management Book With A New, Logical And Effective Approach
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Stress Cure Now-A Stress Management Book With A New, Logical And Effective Approach

by Sarfraz Zaidi MD
Kindle Edition: 371 pages
Publisher: iComet Press

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In "Stress Cure Now," Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD
describes a New approach to deal with stress.  This
approach is simple, direct, original and therefore profound. It is very
effective in getting rid of stress at its root.

Dr. Zaidi utilizes common sense - logic to guide
us to the root cause of stress and how to be free of it, once and for

As an endocrinologist, Dr. Zaidi realized
that stress plays a pivotal role in causing every illness. From anxiety
to diabetes and from anger to heart attacks, every physical as well as
psychological illness is mainly due to the stress of daily living. He
understands that anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs work simply as a
band-aid to control symptoms temporarily. These drugs do not treat the
root cause. In the same way, traditional psychology also does not get to
the root of the problem. Sooner or later, the lava of stress bursts
through the paper thin layers of medications, as well as the usual
psychological treatment approaches.

Dr. Zaidi wanted to find a True Cure for the
stress that humanity suffers from. His relentless pursuit ultimately led
to his personal awakening in 2006. It became crystal clear to him what
was the root cause of stress and what was the real solution. He started
sharing this deep wisdom with his friends, family members and later on,
with his patients. Everyone was amazed at the mental shift that Dr.
Zaidi went through. He is always peaceful and joyful. In fact, peace
radiates from him: people in his company feel peaceful. His guidance has
helped a number of people to be free of the stress of daily living. In
fact, stress management has become an essential component of his
treatment plan for each and everyone of his patients.

In "Stress Cure Now,'' he shares his deep wisdom
with the world. He guides all of us to the path of "freedom from
stress." In fact, you start to feel relief from stress instantaneously,
as you read through the book. Hence the title, "Stress Cure Now."

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