How To Get A Great Job in 90 Days or Less
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How To Get A Great Job in 90 Days or Less

by Joe Carroll
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Executive headhunter and career coach Joe Carroll exposes how you can overcome the unpredictable job market in “How to Get a Job in 90 Days or Less.”

The nation’s unemployment rate has hovered at nearly 10 percent since mid-2009, which means a large chunk of the workforce has faced the harsh reality of unemployment claims and uncertain job futures. Carroll’s book offers concrete strategies for finding work within 90 short days. It equips readers with the knowledge to not only land employment, but to successfully find enjoyment in a new career.

Some of the major highlights in Carroll's guide to landing a great job include the 10 job-related facts most college courses leave out, and how getting fired can be a blessing in disguise.
“The high unemployment we face in America is a tragedy,” Carroll said. “Most Americans were never taught the art of conducting an intelligent job search. As a result, life without a paycheck can go on for months and years, especially in a down economy. The impact on individuals and families is devastating.”

Like so many others, Carroll personally experienced the pain and frustration associated with unemployment and working jobs that he hated. With 15 million people out of work, most don’t know how to conduct an effective job search, and market themselves to potential hiring managers. The book explains how to blend one’s purpose, talents and passions to get the job that will maximize their performance.

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