How to Get a Great Job in 90 Days or Less
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How to Get a Great Job in 90 Days or Less

by Joe Carroll
Kindle Edition: 201 pages

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Job search, especially in a down economy, can be extremely frustrating for many people. The problem is that many people do not often look for jobs, and lack the strategies and skills to connect with potential employers. Yet, even during high periods of unemployment, savvy, informed job hunters know how to get back on the corporate payroll. If you were fired, downsized, or resigned from your job, you need a strategy for getting a new job. If you are still working for a company and are thinking about leaving for new opportunities, you need a plan to make that happen. This book was written by Joe Carroll, vice-president, human resources for IST Management Services. He is also a certified career coach, author and international speaker. Joe shares his secrets on how to find a new job within 90 days or less. His strategies bring into alignment your purpose, talents, values and goals in life with what you do for a living. If these elements are not in alignment, then you are out of sync. You are not in balance. Without synchronism, it will be difficult for you to develop your full potential. Once you mastered the strategies, you will be living a no-regrets life. You will maximize the full use of your talents and passions with what you do for a living. Your goal is to get the right job quickly and live a harmonious, well-spent life. This book provides concrete ways for you to find your true passion, values and talents in life. It describes the eight things you need to know to manage your career. It describes the key elements for launching a job search campaign. It explains how to establish a sound, social media footprint. You acquire specific techniques to accelerate your path to the job of your choice. The secret is learning how to master the art of networking, the power of influence, and the willingness to trust your hunches for achieving your goals. This book will provide you will the blueprint for changing your life forever.

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