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WriteItNow 4

from Ravenshead Services Ltd
Publisher: Ravenshead Services Ltd

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WriteItNow is the ideal writing software for NOVICE AND EXPERIENCED WRITERS of fiction and nonfiction. The software is compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Mac OSX. With abundant personalized options, WriteItNow has perfected the art of allowing the writer to CUSTOMIZE the interface to fit his or her writing needs. ORGANIZATION is key in WriteItNow. You can: (1) Drag scenes, chapters, events, and ideas to new locations; (2) View character relationships in web diagrams; (3) View story events in a sleek timeline; (4) Visualize layout with a flexible Story Board; and (5) Keep track of manuscript submissions.

Writers using WriteItNow STAY MOTIVATED with writing prompts, writing targets, character and name generators, and places to store ideas. EDIT your story with WriteItNow's state of the art word count, spell checker, thesaurus, and readability assessment. Use EXPORT options to produce a neatly custom formatted manuscript. Keep your document BACKED UP with automatic saves. With WriteItNow, you eliminate the organizational hassles associated with writing in a traditional word processor. WriteItNow lets your creativity soar!

Fawn Germer (Bestselling Author): "I've finally found the software that sorts out the chaos in my brain."

J.R. Lankford (Novelist): "WriteItNow will enhance, rather than interfere with, the growth of a writer's instincts and skills."

Robb Lightfoot (Lecturer): "I intend to recommend WriteItNow to ALL my writing students."

Jules Carlysle (Political Humorist): "I wrote my first book in Microsoft Word and it was an organizational nightmare. Now I've got everything in WriteItNow, research notes and all and I'm a much happier person."

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