John Truby's Blockbuster (Writing and Screenwriting Software)
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John Truby's Blockbuster (Writing and Screenwriting Software)

from John Truby
Publisher: John Truby

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Blockbuster is the ultimate program for aspiriting screenwriters. It was created by Hollywood screenwriting guru John Truby, who has been a story consultant on over 1000 scripts and taught his advanced story structure course to more than 20,000 students worldwide. Truby has consulted for Disney Studios, Sony Pictures, FOX, HBO, Alliance Atlantis, and Cannell Studios in the U.S. and for the BBC, RAI, LUX, TV4, and MTV Sweden in Europe. STEP-BY-STEP TO A GREAT STORY: 1. Blockbuster's Premise and Genre screens show you the 'gold' of your idea and which genre forms are best for expressing it. 2. Character Web, World, and Arc screens help you create complex characters that grow over the course of the story and move the reader. 3. The Plot screen takes you through the 22 Building Blocks of every great story, giving you a surprising plot that builds steadily from beginning to end. 4. Blockbuster's 'drag and drop' Scene List shows you the right structural order for your scenes, and lets you figure out the ideal sequence in a fraction of the time. 5. Rewrite shows you the deep structural weaknesses that are likely to be in your script and takes you through the ideal order for fixing them. 6. The most extensive Coach system for writers ever created, including my complete Story Structure Course, the 103 Greatest Characters in fiction, 8 key Story Shapes, 23 greatest Story Techniques, and over 65 online Story Examples.

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