Inside Final Draft 7 DVD-Rom (Mac)
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Inside Final Draft 7 DVD-Rom (Mac)

from Magnet Media
Publisher: Magnet Media

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Inside Final Draft provides insider tips, tricks and techniques to get you writing quickly in the premiere screenwriting software used by industry professionals today. You will learn how to format screenplays correctly and how to use Final Draft's built in functions to achieve a flawlessly formatted screenplay every time. You will learn to master the different features within Final Draft that let you turn your idea into a well-told story, with featured lessons on Reports, Index Cards, Revision Mode, Speech Control, Collabowrite, and Tagger, which lets you identify key production elements like props, quickly and easily. The training includes a Final Draft AV section, where you will learn how industry pros use the functionality of Final Draft AV’s dual column audio visual scripting software to write commercials, documentaries, music videos, training films and more. Suitable for both new and experienced writers, this top-notch training will help you take your screenwriting to the next level, while creating documents suitable for submission to studios, production companies, film festivals, and agencies.

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