Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers
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Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers

by Brendan McGuigan
Perfect Paperback: 234 pages
Publisher: Prestwick House, Inc.

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Knowing every rule and writing with perfect correctness will take your students only so far in their quest for excellence. For, beyond grammar, there's rhetoric -- language use that separates craftspersons from scribblers. Readers, too, must be able to discuss how a writer presents a case or constructs an argument. The higher scores on nearly all state assessments and college entrance exam rubrics demand knowledge of rhetorical devices and their effects. When your students are ready to go from adequate to superb, this is the book you'll use to help them. This book is a fantastic choice for teachers looking for a supplement for their AP Language or academic writing classes. Teacher's editions are available from the publisher but are only sold to teachers and schools.

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