The Black Man's Guide to Graduate School
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The Black Man's Guide to Graduate School

by Steven Kniffley PsyD, Jeremy Campbell PharmD, Michael Branch MBA, Corey Guyton PhD, Derrick Sykes MHC, Keyon Thompson DPT
Paperback: 82 pages
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Six Black men frustrated with the stereotypes associated with being a Black male and the perpetual "only" syndrome they experienced in their graduate programs have come together to provide a much needed voice to encourage more Black men to go to graduate school. In this effort, these men created "The Black Man's Guide to Graduate School." This text covers all the information that aBlack male would need to successfully navigate the graduate school experience. From selecting and applying to a graduate program to dealing with stereotype threats and the importance of mentorship, this book provides a comprehensive guide to successfully entering and matriculating through a graduate program by Brothers who have completed the process from a wide range of programs (PhD, PsyD, PharmD, DPT, MBA, MHC).

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