An Applicant's Guide to Physician Assistant School and Practice, Second Edition
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An Applicant's Guide to Physician Assistant School and Practice, Second Edition

by Erin Sherer
Paperback: 340 pages
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The second edition of this book is a great resource for anyone new to the profession or interested in becoming a physician assistant. The latest edition takes the applicant step-by-step through the entire physician assistant school process - from thinking about applying to finding the perfect job. Filled with new information about how to make yourself a more competitive applicant, how to apply, prepare for an admissions interview, and ultimately plan for a long-term career in the profession. The book contains realistic advice to help make the process of becoming a physician assistant clear and straightforward.

Editorial Reviews:
Robert M. Blumm, MA, PA-C, DFAAPA - Chairman PA Advisory Board -
The Second Edition of Erin’s book is, in reality, the physician assistant journey from conception to retirement. In an imaginative, creative and extraordinary style, she speaks to the pre PA, the PA student, to all PAs who may need advice in PA practice and sums it up in retirement. This is a contemporary analysis of the profession with cutting edge comments, philosophy and truths that clearly define our parameters and gives no illusion to required time and study to be an excellent and effective PA. I strongly recommend this to all PAs and in particular to program directors, faculty and PA students.

Ahmad Hakemi, MD - Director of Central Michigan University Physician Assistant Program
This is an excellent book. Professor Sherer has participated in the admissions process and gives unique insights to the applicant. It is easy to read and loaded with pearls and pitfalls to avoid.

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