The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences: w/Student CD
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The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences: w/Student CD

by Brigitte Baldi, David S. Moore
Hardcover: 721 pages
Publisher: W. H. Freeman

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This text brings a student-friendly style to the often-tricky subject of statistics. The emphasis on real data and statistical thinking illuminates the theory behing quantitative analysis in a life sciences context. The examples and exercises are drawn from diverse areas of biology, including physiology, brain and behavior, epidemiology, health and medicine, nutrition, ecology, and microbiology. This keeps the subject interesting and relevant to a wide range of disciplines. A four-step problem-solving process (State, Formulate, Solve, Conclude) guides student work on realistic statistical problems. The process is used as appropriate and most often as students gain the tools needed to handle real-world problems. In addition, Caution Notes warn students of possible pitfalls they can encounter when analyzing data. The new edition features hundreds of new exercises and examples, added emphasis on working with large data sets, updated technology coverage, and and an expanded media/supplements package. Technology is emphasized throughout the text and always presented in a student-friendly format. o CrunchIt! Software Output Screens. In addition to Minitab, TI graphing calculators, Excel, and SPSS, the Using Technology sections now include CrunchIt!, a student-friendly statistical software package. A CrunchIt! access code is provided with each new textbook or access can be purchased online. o Applets. Available on the companion Web site and CD, and marked throughout the text, these interactive applets help students learn important concepts such as regression, central limit theorem, and more.

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