Psychology Ninth Edition in Modules
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Psychology Ninth Edition in Modules

by David G. Myers
Hardcover: 778 pages
Publisher: Worth Publishers

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Why Myers?
David Myers has become the world’s best-selling introductory psychology author by serving the needs of instructors and students so well. Each Myers textbook offers an impeccable combination of up-to-date research, well-crafted pedagogy, and effective media and supplements. Most of all, each Myers text demonstrates why this author’s style works so well for students, with his signature compassionate, companionable voice, and superb judgment about how to communicate  the science of psychology and its human impact.
Why Modules?
This modules-based version of Myers’ best-selling, full-length text, Psychology (breaking down that book’s 16 chapters into 59 short modules) is yet another example of the author’s ability to understand what works in the classroom.

It comes from Myers’ experiences with students who strongly prefer textbooks divided into briefer segments instead of lengthier chapters, and with instructors who appreciate the flexibility offered by the modular format.

Modular organization presents material in smaller segments. Students can easily read any module in a single sitting.

Self-standing modules. Instructors can assign modules in their own preferred order.  The modules make no assumptions about what students have previously read.  Illustrations and key terms are repeated as needed.

This modular organization of short, stand-alone text units enhances teacher flexibility.  Instead of assigning the entire Sensation and Perception chapter, instructors can assign the module on vision, the module on hearing, and/or the module on the other senses in whatever order they choose.

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