Clinical Interviewing
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Clinical Interviewing

by John Sommers-Flanagan, Rita Sommers-Flanagan
Paperback: 624 pages
Publisher: Wiley

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The classic text presenting proven, practical strategies for conducting effective interviews

Clinical Interviewing now in its Fifth Edition guides clinicians through elementary listening skills onward to more advanced, complex clinical assessment processes such as intake interviewing, mental status examination, and suicide assessment.

Clinical Interviewing has been updated with the latest content from the DSM-5, including: * Defining psychological and emotional disorders (Chapter 6: An Overview of the Interview Process) * Diagnostic impressions (Chapter 7: Intake Interviewing and Report Writing) * Assessing for depression (Chapter 9: Suicide Assessment) * History and evolution of the DSM, defining mental disorders, specific diagnostic criteria, diagnostic assessment, diagnostic interviewing, and using diagnostic checklists (Chapter 10: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning) * Violence assessment (Chapter 12: Challenging Clients and Demanding Situations)

Featuring an accompanying DVD with real-life scenarios of actual counselors and clients demonstrating techniques for effective clinical interviews, the new edition presents: * A greater emphasis on collaborative goal setting and the client as expert * New discussion on multicultural orientation and multicultural competency * Non-face-to-face assessment and interviewing including a structured protocol-- via email, telephone, texting, videoconferencing/Skype, instant messaging, and online chatting * An increased focus on case formulation and treatment planning

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