The 90-Day Screenplay: from concept to polish
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The 90-Day Screenplay: from concept to polish

by Alan Watt
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: The 90-day Novel Press

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The 90-Day Screenplay was workshopped at L.A. Writers' Lab over the course of ten years and has helped hundreds of screenwriters complete their work. Many graduates of the Lab have gone on to major careers as screenwriters and producers in TV and film.
The 90-Day Screenplay method of structuring your story is organic, involving a rigorous inquiry into the dilemma besetting your characters. This inside-out approach avoids the distractions that frequently occur when one's focus is placed squarely on plot. Screenwriting is often taught by Hollywood story analysts who confuse story structure with "plotting," thus leading to a formulaic, one-size-fits-all style of writing. By focusing on the dilemma, and exploring its resolution, the plot emerges naturally in surprising and dynamic ways. 
The 90-Day Screenplay will guide you through the process of outlining your screenplay, writing a first draft, and completing a rewrite, all in three months. In this day-by-day guide you will:
* Uncover the dilemma at the heart of your screenplay 
* Learn how to write from your subconscious 
* Rewrite your work efficiently 
* Discover your story's structure as an experiential model 
* Develop a process of getting the story from your imagination to the page 

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